Bonus Terms & Conditions
  1. General Bonus Terms & Conditions


1.1. From time to time we may offer bonuses, rewards, promotions, competitions, cashback and/or gifts (“promotions”). These promotions will be governed by these General Bonus Terms and Conditions (“General Bonus T&Cs”). Each specific promotion will also have their own customer terms and conditions outside of the General Bonus Terms and Conditions.  By taking part in any promotion and agreeing to receive bonuses offered by Casino Night, you automatically consent to comply with our general bonus terms & conditions. 


1.2.  In case you intend to participate in a promotion or to receive some bonus offered by Casino Night, but does not properly understand how the promotion/bonus works, you should address Casino Night Customer support for clarification.


1.3.  Casino Night reserves the right to add, remove or alter any of the promotional/bonus details or terms.


1.4.  It is your responsibility to regularly check the bonus terms and conditions for any amendments or updates. In case any alterations in terms and conditions take place, be it the general Terms and Conditions or the terms of a specific promotion, Casino Night will inform you. 


1.5.    We may make terms and conditions available in various languages for convenience. In case of any discrepancy between the English language version and the non-English language version of these terms and conditions, the English version takes priority. 


1.6. Offers are limited to one offer per Player (one offer per household address, shared computer or shared IP address, email address, telephone number, payment method).                 


Casino Night reserves the right to suspend or close any account suspected of being a duplicate. The original deposit made by the Player if applicable will not be confiscated and only the Bonus and/or winnings from the Bonus will be confiscated.


1.7.  Unless otherwise stated, active Bonus must be wagered within 14 days of issue, otherwise both bonus funds & winnings associated with the relevant bonus will be forfeited.


1.8. When you take part in a promotion, deposit funds go to your "cash balance" and bonus funds to "bonus balance". Bonus is in effect until all bonus funds are lost or the bonus expires. Requesting a withdrawal while having an active bonus forfeits the bonus and the initial bonus amount.


1.9.  If you have decided not to participate in a promotion(s), you have already opted into, you must contact Casino Night Customer support and request cancellation of the bonus before placing any bets.


1.10. Unless otherwise stated, €10 (or the equivalent in any other currency) is the minimum deposit to avail of promotions or bonuses.


1.11.  You may not place any bets that exceed the maximum bonus bet size when using bonus money. The maximum bonus bet size is €5 (or the equivalent in any other currency) per bet/spin or equivalent, unless it is stated differently in the specific terms and conditions tailored to each bonus campaign. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the maximum bonus bet size. For cases where bets are deemed to have exceeded the maximum bonus bet size, an account may be reviewed, and the bonus funds confiscated in the process. The stake size on any game with a "bonus buy" or "feature buy" option will count as the total cost of the spin, not the stake or value of the game round the feature or bonus is played at. For example, Money Train at €1 stake, the bonus buy is 80x (€80) so the bet size for this round would be €80.



1.12. Any Bonus Funds are displayed separately from any Deposit Funds in Your Player Account.

1.13. When playing an active bonus, your funds will be used in the following order: Cash balance then Bonus funds.


1.14. Casino Night bonuses are intended for recreational playing only. Improper use of the bonuses and promotional abuse will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to take the following actions against bonus abuse (list not exhaustive).


▪ Revoke and/or cancel any Bonuses and Bonus winnings that we regard to have been gained by misuse of the system.

▪ Ban such players from receiving further Bonuses

▪ Close the account

Abuse may include but is not limited to:


Using multiple Account(s)


Evidence that an offer is being claimed or benefits the same person or group of persons, acting in an attempt to defraud us


Co-operation, collusion or organisation of bets from the same source


Manipulation of software, exploitation of loopholes or other behaviours which amount to deliberate cheating


Hiding IP addresses or using a VPNs


Delaying game rounds in any game, including free spins and bonus features, to a later time when you have no wagering requirements;


Using strategies that take advantage of any software bug or failure. on the built-up value during real-money play




1.15. We may reclaim any Bonus that has been awarded in error in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions


1.16. We may make amendments to an Offer to correct typographical errors or to improve understanding and we reserve the right to amend or terminate an offer if required to do so for legal and/or regulatory reasons. 


1.17. Casino Night reserves the right to ban a player from participating in promotions at its own discretion at any time. 


1.18. In case you failed to claim a deposit bonus, or forgot to do so, and intend to play with the bonus, you must contact Customer support prior to placing any bets and ask to adjust your balance.


1.19. We reserve the right to audit your game play/transaction logs. You hereby consent in advance for us to do so. If, after an audit, it transpires that you participated, or attempted to participate, in a manipulative game strategy to take advantage from the bonus being rewarded to you from the casino, we hold the right to deny, withhold, revoke or withdraw your entitlement to any promotion, winnings or bonus, or terminate your association with our website and/or block your account. In such circumstances, we shall be under no obligation to refund any funds that may be in your account other than your original deposit amounts.


1.20. Participation in some promotions requires opting in. It can be done either by clicking on a link in the promotion on site / by email or by contacting the Customer support. You are free to opt out of receiving promotional newsletters at any time.


1.21. Game winnings from spins or game rounds initiated with bonus funds but completed with real money after the bonus has been completed, lost or forfeited, will be removed and may result in your account being closed for bonus abuse.


1.22. We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend any promotion or campaign at any given time. 


1.23. We reserve the right to update the bonus terms and conditions at any time.




  1. Wager Free Bonuses


2.1. When playing with a bonus with no wagering requirements, the bonus balance cannot exceed the initial bonus amount that has been credited. So, the winnings generated from the bonus (any balance above the initial bonus amount) are credited to the cash balance and can be withdrawn.


2.2. The bonus balance cannot be withdrawn.


2.3. Any new bonus is added and accumulated to the bonus balance already active.


2.4. Unless otherwise indicated on the dedicated promotion page, our bonuses are valid for 14 days. After this period, said bonus expires and is automatically canceled.



  1. Free spins


3.1. Free spins' winnings generate a bonus. Thereafter, these general bonus conditions apply to this new bonus.


3.2. Free spins are valid for a period of 48 hours from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated in the promotional offer.


3.3. Any withdrawal request cancels the free spins present in the account and not activated by the player at the time of said withdrawal.


3.4. For free spins credited with a deposit, the maximum winning withdrawal cap is €1000 (or the equivalent in any other currency).


3.5. For free Spins credited without the need of a deposit, unless otherwise specified in the promotion, the maximum winning withdrawal cap is €250 (or the equivalent in any other currency). 


  1. Cashback


4.1. When playing on Casino Night you receive cash back on all your cash bets (no matter if this bet makes you win or lose).


4.2. Casino Night reserves the right to change or cancel any cashback program at any time, without prior notice, for any reason deemed necessary.


4.3. Accounts that are deactivated, suspended or in any way not deemed active and open will not be eligible for cashback.


4.4. All cashbacks are calculated as a percentage of your cash bets, bets on slots will give you 0.4% cashback whereas bets on table and live casinos will give you 0.02%


4.5. Cashbacks are granted on cash bets only and won’t apply on bonus bets.


4.6. Minimum cash back that can be claimed is €1 (or the equivalent in any other currency)


4.7. Cashback has a maximum winning withdrawal cap of ten times (x10) the cashback amount and no wagering requirements.


  1. Instant Bonuses


5.1. From time to time, support agents might consider awarding an instant bonus, free bonus money or free cash as an act of goodwill on a case by case scenario. In such cases and independently on the type or amount of bonus given, the maximum win resulting from that bonus cannot exceed ten times (x10)  the value of the original released bonus amount.


5.2. You can apply for reload bonuses only if you have no pending withdrawal.



  1. Jackpots


6.1. All jackpot amounts displayed on the site are for informational purposes only. The amount of each jackpot is displayed in the game window provided for this purpose once the game has started.


6.2. When a jackpot is won, it is immediately reset on the site's server. This happens in real time, however it is possible that the display can only be reset after a short elapsed time. Regardless of the jackpot amount displayed in the game, the server side jackpot amount at the time of victory is the reward that will be awarded.


6.3. Any progressive jackpot payout greater than or equal to €50,000 may require an additional 14 days of processing.